Jim Bishop, BCom CA


“Companies and business fascinate me. Why are some businesses successful and some not? What is it the successful companies have, that others do not?

The pursuit of the answer to these fundamental questions of business has been a life-long passion of mine. Being able to translate these, sometimes complex, answers into simple, executable business strategies for clients is what I live for in business.”

Jim is a qualified chartered accountant who has spent all his working life to date in SME’s and big companies in a variety of sectors and industries in New Zealand.

Jim’s last corporate role was as Commercial Manager for Downer EDI in the South Island a $200 million infrastructure business.

Jim is also:

  • A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • A member of the Institute of Directors
  • A business mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand

Outside of work…

Jim was born in the hills and when not at work or with his family, he takes every opportunity to return to the hills to hunt, fish and be in the great outdoors of New Zealand.

When in town, he wears out running shoes and road bike tyres as quickly as he can.

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